PhotonHosting Affiliate Program

Join one of the most rewarding affiliate programs in the industry. affiliate program is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs available on the Internet today. Join over 5,000 affiliates and help promote one of the fastest growing web hosting brands on the Internet. Not only will you be promoting a great web hosting service, but you’ll also be spreading our green message to help make the Internet a greener medium.


How does the Web Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

When you bring customers for dedicated server that place order to, you will receive $25.00 up to $50.00 per referral. Please read below our tiered affiliate commission structure. What could be better than offering a great service to those that visit your website and make a great amount of income on the side for doing so? You send the customers our way, we’ll do the rest.


Tiered Commission Structure

1. Commission 5% for 2-10 active server
2. Commission 7% for 11-25 active server
3. Commission 10% for 26 and above active server

Bonus : In addition to above commission you will also earn following bonus amount

1. Monthly sale (through your referral link) : $2000 – $3000
Additional commission : 2%
2. Monthly sale (through your referral link) : $3001- $5000
Additional commission : 3%
3. Monthly sale (through your referral link) : $5001 and above
Additional commission : 5%

This way you can earn upto 15% commission till the life of your client’s server.

Terms :
1. Referral will be considered as valid from 2nd month onward.
2. Referring self is not allowed.
3. Min Payout $100 USD
4. Payment will be allowed to withdraw after 60 days from the date commission is credited to your client area fund .
5. We can send payment by any of the following ways :
Paypal, Bank wire