Why it’s better to buy VPS hosting

Why it’s better to buy VPS hosting

Running your own virtual private server (VPS) was once restricted to either lucrative side projects or those with money to burn. The comparatively high regular costs made it too exclusive for personal projects that didn’t produce income and more significant endeavours often used dedicated hardware, leaving VPS with the rep of optional extra that wasn’t taken seriously.

Today VPS hosting is both inexpensive enough for personal projects and dependable enough for serious ones. With VPS hosting, you have an entire server at your disposal. Of course, it is a virtual server, but in all but the most punishing use cases, it will work just as well as dedicated hardware. In fact, numerous high-end VPS choices sometimes outstrip low-end dedicated hardware. The main benefit of dedicated hardware these days is that it offers total control.

Of course, if you just want to introduce a new WordPress blog to the world, then you don’t need dedicated hardware or a VPS at all, you only need a web host. While VPS hosting can be set up to host web applications, they’re going to take more work and more familiarity with Linux and networking. So if you’re looking for guidance along the way such as help with installing web servers, configuring firewalls or setting up apps, then VPS may not be the right choice.

If you’re a web developer looking to enlarge your server admin know-how or a start-up that needs a more dependable, and powerful set-up, VPS hosting offers a low-priced, scalable way to get your app into the data centre.

A VPS means you have (comparatively) total control over the structure and can do things like compile Nginx with precisely the units you want, run OpenVPN to avoid geo IP restrictions, or even set up your own video game server for multiplayer.

Aside from rivalries, the ever-lower costs of buying VPS hosting are also driven by the developments in virtualisation software that have been pending in the last few years too.

When you get a VPS server from however, it is not necessary to know how to manage a server to have the power of a server as we are available 24/7 to assist with any questions, requirements or problems you may have.

If you have chosen cPanel or Plesk also with your server then we will support every aspect of it, simply let us know if you run into any issues or have a question.

We support the hardware, network infrastructure, operating system, patches, kernel updates, backups, cPanel/Plesk and the associated components including email, http, ftp, webmail, dns etc.

For third party applications we provide best effort support, essentially we will check to see if it is a server issue in some way and if is not then we will provide best effort support and advice to try and assist you.

If our best efforts to support you are still not up to the task, then no worries, we will refer you to the appropriate forum or technical help for the third party application and assist you with any questions they may have.